Emerging Trend of Handmade Jewelry in Pakistan


2020 is going to be the start of new emerging trends of handmade jewelry in Pakistan. We need to sort out clear fashion jewelry from colorful creative ones. We can hope to see some ultimate subcontinental jewelry for women in Pakistan. We will see fashion icons and models wearing them on the stage throughout 2020. We cannot deny that handmade jewelry has a charm of its own. Jewelry trends usually vary from rings to bracelets, earrings to necklaces, gemstone head wear jewelry to pendant necklaces. Let us look at the rising trends in these in the coming days.


We will see graceful and elegant earrings, tops and pendant type earrings will be all over Pakistan. Our artisans will make them using metal, wood, plastics, precious stones, beads, glass diamonds, and many other materials. We will also see imitations of jewelry made from pure Gold. The variety will include:
> Bone earrings
> Clip earrings
> Ear hook earrings
> Ear screws
> Horn earrings
> Magnetic earrings
> Resin earrings
> Spring hoop earrings
> Stick earrings
> The hoop
All of these handmade earrings will be charismatic, colorful, and impressive. This is why women in Pakistan will opt for handmade jewelry.


Bracelets have a cultural impact on women in Pakistan. They speak aesthetically and add a certain fineness to their fashion. The handmade bracelets are always breathtakingly charming and made from materials like shells, rocks, precious stones, cloth, leather, wood, and plastic. They dazzle and create a certain appeal in women. In the past, the use of bracelets has been associated with spiritual and religious beliefs as charms as well. They make an impact on one’s psyche. The tending handmade bracelets will be:
> Beaded bracelets
> Diamond bracelets
> Gold bracelets
> Leather bracelets
> Magnetic bracelets
> Silver bracelets &
> Slap bracelets
> Sports bracelets
> Wood bracelets


Women need the best and most creative designs possible, and only handmade jewelry can quench this desire. You will see some never seen before designs in 2020, made using materials like precious stones, glass, metals, alloys, wood, and plastics, and other materials also. The emerging trends we already see at the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 include:
> Cluster rings
> Diamond rings
> Eternity rings &
> Flat wedding rings
> Gold rings
> Painted wood rings
> Plain wood rings
> Silver rings
> Sleeve rings
In addition, you will see many tantalizing designs and shapes of rings in the wholesale market for rings in Pakistan. Some examples include:
> Claddagh ring
> Dinner ring
> Doctoral ring,
> Iron ring
> Magic ring
> Many others
> Puzzle rings
> Regards ring
> Rosary ring
> Sovereign ring
Wrapping things up, it is important to highlight the fact that the fashion industry uses handmade jewelry as a huge cultural emblem. Handmade jewelry symbolizes the Pakistani cultural heritage and enhances the beauty of our women in a unique way. Wearing such jewelry can alleviate anxiety, depression, and mental stress in women. Therefore, using handmade jewelry is the next in-thing in this New Year.

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