Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection

Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection

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Fashion designer plays a key role in establishing the Fashion statement of the country. There is a list of Pakistani Fashion designers working tremendously in the Pakistani Fashion Industry. Fashion designers of Pakistani Fashion industry are continuously polishing the name of the Pakistani Fashion Industry in the international Fashion market. In this article you will find the Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection which have revolutionized the fashion industry of Pakistan. Fashion designers are the new fashion trend setters of the country. Pakistani have developed a lot in the field of fashion designing and so the fashion designers. Fashion designers use the pretty clothing and jewellery to increase the natural beauty of a person.

The fashion industry of Pakistan is introducing the traditional dresses of Pakistan and the culture of Pakistan to the whole world. People relay on fashion designers to look modern by the wearables that look good on them. There are many Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names who are trying to create their place in fashion industry of Pakistan and amongst them the top ten fashion designers are given in this article.

Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection

Faiza Samee:

in the Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection first name is of Faiza Samee which is one of the most prominent fashion designers of Pakistan because of her innovative ideas. She entered in the fashion industry of Pakistan 27 years back. She is particularly known for designing bridal and traditional wear dresses for women. Faiza Samee has visited India many times and she made a good comparison between the designing philosophies of both the countries.

Asifa & Nabeel:

Asifa and Nabeel is the energetic, young and a perfect team of fashion designers of Pakistan. These two designers posses the extraordinary and creative skills and the chic outlook of fashion. The work of Asifa and Nabeel stands out because of the quality of the fabric they use to design stylish and outstanding outfits. They mainly design bridal wear, formal wear, semi formal wear, sarees and western wear. Asifa and Nabeel gives a perfect finish to the clothes which make their production unique and excellent at the end.

Bunto Kazmi:

Because of the style icons of Bunto Kazmi she has gained popular and prominent position in the international fashion market. Bunto Kazmi belongs to the Mughal family and also her inspiration comes from the Mughal empire. She always gives a cultural and traditional touch to her designed clothes but in a unique and modern way. Bunto Kazmi always reflects the Pakistani customs on ramp not only nationally but internationally as well.

Deepak Perwani:

Deepak Perwani is more famous for designing men’s dress. Deepak Perwani is not just a man but an icon. He never follows the traditional or the ongoing fashion statements of the country, rather he create his own. He designs to make people know what to wear and how to carry any thing. Deepak Perwani has participated in many national as well as international fashion shows and has showcased his designed items.

Maria B.:

Maria B. burns the ramps with her glamorous and hip designs not only in Pakistani but also in Milan, Paris and New York. The label of Maria B. is known for the cotton shalwar kameez and the embroidered evening wear. Maria B. dreams to make the name of Pakistan in the international fashion scene. She shows the Pakistani heritage to the people all around the world with her collections.


Karma is a brand which is related with success, creative excellence and the brilliance. Karma has gained much popularity because of staying at top for eight years. Karma has a great market position in the three business segments. Karma wedding which deals with the brides, Karma couture which deals with formal wear and Karma pink which is a pret brand. Karma also have launched Karma fabric dealing with unstitched seasonal fabrics, Karma nation which is a trade label and Karma Bling which is high end costume jewellery.

Kanwal Lashari:

Kanwal Lashari is a Pakistani fashion designer who is the owner of the brand Klash. Klash is the label which is commonly known for the best formal line in the town. The formal dresses designed by this brand are perfect for any event. Kanwal Lashari has been inspired by the Eastern dresses and she always designs her outfits according to the Eastern styles. She is planning to launch bridal wear along with formal wear.

Shazia Wajahat:

Shazia Wajahat is one of the famous fashion designers of Pakistan. She was born with inner qualities from her father who had been doing his business in India. Shazia Wajahat designed under the label of “Jugaan”. This label is popular for proving evening wear, bridal wear and formal wear outfits not only in Pakistan but also internationally.She is very committed with her work.

Amir Adnan:

Amir Adnan is a well known Pakistan fashion label for men. Amir Adnan re-introduced the sherwani into the modern fashion once again. Amir Adnan currently have the flagship store in Karachi, and also has the complimenting stores in Multan, Islamabad, Hyderabad, Lahore, Faisalabad and Gujranwala. Internationally this brand is known in Dubai and India. His Brand is considered the top designer enterprise in Pakistan.

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin (HSY):

Hassan Sheheryar Yasin commonly known as HSY is a very famous fashion designer of Pakistan. HSY label was introduced in 2000. It stated its work with bridal and formal wear couture houses and now HSY is the most recognized fashion label in the whole world of Pakistan. The flagship studio of HSY is in Lahore and it has six store internationally. In 2007, HSY also introduced his jewelry brand which increased his value and status more in the fashion world.

All these Pakistani Top Dress Designers Names List With Their Collection has helped a lot in increasing the fame and progress of Pakistani fashion industry in the whole world.

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