Egyptian Jewelry

If we talk about the history of jewelry, Egyptian jewelry has an important place among the jewelry of previous centuries. Egyptian jewelry not only used as an ornament for the body but also used to show the rank, wealth, and social status of people. It was also there as potent amulets, political gifts, an object for trade, military honors, as well as propagandistic tools.

Use of important metals in the making of Egyptian jewelry


Gold was famous for its property of sun-like look, pliability, and resistance to rust. There were deposits of gold in Egypt that people love to have in their ornaments.


Jewelers import silver from Aegean as well as Near East. It symbolizes the moon and a flowering lotus that beats darkness and decay because it opens in the warm rays of dawn.

Moreover, precious gemstones like turquoise, carnelian, rock crystal, olivine, lapis lazuli, etc.also enhance the beauty of Egyptian jewelry.

Other materials like flowers, shells, seeds, ivory, plant fiber, and pearls used in the making of bangles, hairpins, rings, amulets, earrings, and beads.

Types of Egyptian jewelry


A Necklace is an important item in Egyptian jewelry. It is there in the form of collars with pendants as well as a necklace decorated with gold, lapis lazuli, green feldspar, and turquoise.


Egyptian rings are the most affordable item in Egyptian jewelry. The use of gold, copper, amethyst, faience, carnelian is very common in the making of an Egyptian ring.


Women love to wear a bracelet and consider it the best alternative to traditional bangles. If we talk about Egyptianbracelets, they are more attractive than other bracelets. The use of colorful stones, pearls, and beads gives them a classy look.


Egyptian anklets give the feet of a woman a beautiful and attractive look. They are quite different and unique from the traditional anklets. That is the reason women prefer to wear Egyptian anklets to look different.


Egyptian amulets are there in different shapes and sizes. However, the use of amulets is not very common like other jewelry items. People usually use it for protection from supernatural elements. It is prepared on the special demand of a customer. Amulets with beads are also popular in Egyptian jewelry. The use of minerals, clay, stones, and glass is very common in the making of beads.

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