Pearl Jewelry

Pearls are the most beautiful and attractive gemstones. They possess a beautiful range of colors that can suit every person at any age with any skin color. This gem is the centerpiece of ornaments that enhance the grace and beauty of its wearer. One can modify the pearls according to the latest style and fashion. They are attractive, graceful, modern, as well as classic. Pearl jewelry has a central position in various cultures like in London’s socialites, Japan, Indian royalty, Philippines, classic American, and ArabianGulf. Dubai begins its business in the trading of pearls and plays an important role in its economy with the understanding and trading of Pearls.

People are so fond of pearl jewelry that it is very difficult to find natural pearls. The origin of pearls is fresh as well as saltwater. Their structure and development are distinctive, stunning, and natural that turn them into a special jewel of all ages.

The magical growth of pearls in the shells gives them an innate beauty that creates a metallic effect. A wide variety of colors with green as well as rose-tone makes it magical. Pearl jewelry prepared with the use of natural and cultured pearls. Cultured pearls need human care and intervention while natural pearl develops on their own without any human help.

Types of cultured Pearls


Salt-water Akoya pearls produced in Japan &China. They have a different size range from 2mm-11mm as well as white and cream colors.


Tahitian, salt-water pearls cultivated in the islands of French. They possess different shapes like spherical and unusual baroque in 8mm to 14 mm size. They are popular due to their grey and black color but there are also other tones like brown, blue, black, purple, cream, green, silver, black, rose, and grey.

South Sea

Australia, the Philippines, and Indonesia are the main sources of clutteredsalt-water pearls. Their size is 10mm-15mm with spherical and semi-baroque shape. They come in different colors like white, purple, and orange with amazing overtones.


These pearls typically cultured in the ponds as well as in the lakes of fresh water. They have different sizes, colors, and shapes. Its main sources are China and the United States of America. Their sizes are between 1mm-13mm with white, blue, and grey color but also available in the dyed form in a wide variety of colors.

These pearls play an important role in the making of necklaces, bangles, bracelets, earrings, etc. So, enjoy every event with pearl jewelry according to your taste, style, and age.

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